Application Procedures

As an online gaming license issuer authorized by the Belize Government, Belize Online Club Group Co., Ltd, accept online gaming license application under Belize National Gaming Law. This license is capable to do all kind of games, including: live dealers entertainment, sport betting, lottery, slot machines or other contents that can be considered gaming after examine.
When applying for a license, applicant must apply for an application guidebook and go over the contents, then to fill in the full application form. Applicant can contact our agent for Asian region in Taiwan, and may book an appointment for detail information.

Following is the detail license processing issued by Belize Online Club Group, and steps applicant may face when applying for an online gaming license:
  1. Applicant must file an application form for application guidebook and pay the application fee.
  2. Once approved, applicant will receive an application guidebook from us.
  3. There will be three application forms within the guidebook: offshore company application, membership application, and online gaming license application.
  4. Users will answer a series of questions to provide general information, demonstrate financial capability, and demonstrate technical and operational capability. The supporting documents listed in each process must also submitted with the full application as instructed in the relevant questions. Applicants must also submit their evaluation fees during this period. To receive consideration, all applications must be submitted through Belize Online Club Group. An application will not be considered, in the absence of exceptional circumstances, if:
    • The application form is incomplete (either the questions have not been fully answered or required supporting documents are missing). Applicants will not ordinarily be permitted to supplement their applications after submission.
    • The evaluation fee has not been paid by the deadline. Refer to Section 1.4 for fee information.
  5. Complete the application forms and file in with complete requiring documents to Belize Online Club Group, make related payments.。
  6. Once received the full application from applicants, Belize Online Club Group will begin checking all applications for completeness. This check ensures that:
    • All mandatory questions are answered.
    • Required supporting documents are provided in the proper format(s).
    • The evaluation fees have been received.
      The administrative completeness check is expected to be completed for all applications in a period of approximately 16 weeks, subject to extension depending on volume. In the event that all applications cannot be processed within this period, Belize Online Club Group will post updated process information and an estimated timeline.
  7. Initial Evaluation will begin immediately after the administrative completeness check concludes. All complete applications will be reviewed during Initial Evaluation. At the beginning of this period, background screening on the applying entity and the individuals named in the application will be conducted. Applications must pass this step in conjunction with the Initial Evaluation reviews.
  8. Once the offshore company application is approve, applicant may apply membership for Belize Online Club.
  9. 9. Once membership qualification is approve, applicant may apply online gaming license with Belize Online Club membership.
  10. 10. Belize Online Club Group will file all application and documents to the Review Committee.
  11. All applicants should be aware that Belize Online Club Group has the right to file objections to any application during the objection filing period. Applicants whose applications are the subject of a formal objection will have an opportunity to file a response according to the dispute resolution service provider’s rules and procedures. All applicants may file in additional information documents in accordance to the missing documents at this step.
  12. Applicants failing certain elements of the Initial Evaluation can request an Extended Evaluation. If the applicant does not pass Initial Evaluation and does not expressly request an Extended Evaluation, the application will proceed no further. The Extended Evaluation period allows for an additional exchange of information between the applicant and evaluators to clarify information contained in the application. The reviews performed in Extended Evaluation do not introduce additional evaluation criteria.
    Evaluators and any applicable experts consulted will communicate the conclusions resulting from the additional review by the end of the Extended Evaluation period. If an application passes the Extended Evaluation, it can then proceed to the next relevant stage. If the application does not pass the Extended Evaluation, it will proceed no further.
  13. After review by the committee, and above steps has been approved, Gaming License Review Committee will then approve the application. Belize Online Club shall notice in writing to the applicant in accordance to the order from the Committee. Once all payment has been done, the license shall be issued.
  14. Applicant will receive an official online gaming license. (As following: Belize Online Gaming License Application Process)
  15. ※※ Please refer to application guidebook for more details.

The application form requires applicants to provide information on the legal establishment of the applying entity, as well as the identification of directors, officers, partners, and major shareholders of that entity. The names and positions of individuals included in the application will be published as part of the application; other information collected about the individuals will not be published.
Background screening at both the entity level and the individual level will be conducted for all applications to confirm eligibility. This inquiry is conducted on the basis of the information provided in all questions in the application form. Belize Online Club Group may take into account information received from any source if it is relevant to the criteria in this section. If requested by Belize Online Club Group, all applicants will be required to obtain and deliver to Belize Online Club Group and Belize Online Club Group's background screening vendor any consents or agreements of the entities and/or individuals named in all questions in the application form necessary to conduct background screening activities.
In the absence of exceptional circumstances, applications from any entity with or including any

In the absence of exceptional circumstances, applications from any entity with or including any individual with convictions or decisions of the types listed in (a) – (m) below will be automatically disqualified from the program.
  1. Within the past ten years, has been convicted of any crime related to financial or corporate governance activities, or has been judged by a court to have committed fraud or breach of fiduciary duty, or has been the subject of a judicial determination that Belize Online Club Group deems as the substantive equivalent of any of these.
  2. Within the past ten years, has been disciplined by any government or industry regulatory body for conduct involving dishonesty or misuse of the funds of others;
  3. Within the past ten years has been convicted of any willful tax-related fraud or willful evasion of tax liabilities.
  4. Within the past ten years has been convicted of perjury, forswearing, failing to cooperate with a law enforcement investigation, or making false statements to a law enforcement agency or representative;
  5. Has ever been convicted of any crime involving the use of computers, telephony systems, telecommunications or the Internet to facilitate the commission of crimes;
  6. Has ever been convicted of any crime involving the use of a weapon, force, or the threat of force.
  7. Has ever been convicted of any violent or sexual offense victimizing children, the elderly, or individuals with disabilities;
  8. Has ever been convicted of the illegal sale, manufacture, or distribution of pharmaceutical drugs, or been convicted or successfully extradited for any offense described in Article 3 of the United Nations Convention Against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances of 1988;
  9. Has ever been convicted or successfully extradited for any offense described in the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime (all Protocols);
  10. Has been convicted, within the respective timeframes, of aiding, abetting, facilitating, enabling, conspiring to commit, or failing to report any of the listed crimes above (i.e., within the past 10 years for crimes listed in (a) - (d) above, or ever for the crimes listed in (e) – (i) above);
  11. Has entered a guilty plea as part of a plea agreement or has a court case in any jurisdiction with a disposition of Adjudicated Guilty or Adjudication Withheld (or regional equivalents), within the respective timeframes listed above for any of the listed crimes (i.e., within the past 10 years for crimes listed in (a) – (d) above, or ever for the crimes listed in (e) – (i) above);
  12. Is the subject of a disqualification imposed by Belize Online Club Group and in effect at the time the application is considered;
  13. Fails to provide Belize Online Club Group with the identifying information necessary to confirm identity at the time of application or to resolve questions of identity during the background screening process;
  14. Fails to provide a good faith effort to disclose all relevant information relating to items (a) –(m).

License Application Item Description Fee(USD)
One-Time Fees Guidebook Application Fee 500
Offshore Company Application Fees 2,000
Club Membership (Admission Fee) 5,000
Gaming License Application and Admission Fees 20,000
First Time Application Fee in Total 27,500
Annual Fees Offshore Company Renewal Fee (Annual) 500
Club Membership Renewal Fee (Annual) 5,000
Online Gaming License Renew Fee (Annual) 15,000
Free Zone Free Trade Development & Construction Fees
Turnovers:0 – 15 Millions 0.07%
Turnovers:15 Millions – 50 Millions 0.06%
Turnovers:50 Millions↑ 0.05%
Annual Renewal Fee in Total 20,500 + Development & Construction Fees

Complete Company Probity Form
Complete Personal Probity Form: about the applicant
Payment vouchers for prescribed fees
Business Plan
Passport or Visa copies
(including current and previous passports)
Citizenship Certificate
Certificate of Non-criminal Record
※ Above lists may vary on each applicant, additional documentations may be required.

Thank you for your information, we will contact you immediately once we recieve your request.

For assistance and questions an applicant may have in the process of completing the application form, applicants should use the customer support resources available via Genius-Bull International Ltd, the only official agent Belize Online Club Group authorized for Asia Regions. Applicants who are unsure of the information being sought in a question or the parameters for acceptable documentation are encouraged to communicate these questions through the appropriate support channels before the application is submitted. This helps avoid the need for exchanges with evaluators to clarify information, which extends the timeframe associated with processing the application. Currently, questions may be submitted via To provide all applicants equitable access to information, Belize Online Gaming Club and Genius-Bull International Ltd may make all questions and answers publicly available.

All requests to Belize Online Club Group for information about the process or issues surrounding preparation of an application must be submitted to Genius-Bull International Ltd. We will not grant requests from applicants for personal or telephone consultations regarding the preparation of an application. Applicants that contact Belize Online Club Group for clarification about aspects of the application will be referred to Genius-Bull International Ltd.

Answers to inquiries will only provide clarification about the application forms and procedures. Belize Online Club Group will not provide consulting, financial, or legal advice.