This chapter gives applicant an overview of the process for applying online gaming operation license, and includes instruction on how to complete and submit an application, the supporting documentation, the fees required, and when and how to submit them. This chapter also describes the conditions associated with particular types of applications, and the stages of the application life cycle.
Applicants are encouraged to read and become familiar with the contents of this entire chapter, as well as the others, before starting the application process to make sure they understand what is required of them and what they can expect at each stage of the application evaluation process.
This Complete Application Guidebook is the implemen-tation of Online Gaming License Review Committee consensus policy concerning the introduction of online operating license, and has been revised extensively via consultation over 12 months period.

Online Gaming Businesses

“Online Gaming” means

  1. Any gaming, where any player enters or may enter the game, or takes or may take any step in the game, by means of a telecommunication.
  2. The negotiating or receive any bet by means of a telecommunication.
  3. Any lottery in which any participant acquires or may acquire a chance by means of a telecommunication.

A person “conducts” online gaming where

  1. In the case of gaming or a lottery, he takes part in its organization, management or promotion.
  2. In the case of a bet, he carries on any business involving the negotiating or receiving of the bet.
  3. He maintains, or permit to be maintained, in Belize any computer or other device on or by means of which the game or lottery is operated, or the bet is received, as the case may be.

The Committee may for and on behalf of the Board, grant to any person, being a company limited by shares and incorporated in Belize under the International Business Companies Act, a license authorizing it to conduct online gaming:

  1. Of any prescribed description.
  2. Of such prescribed descriptions as are specified in the license.