Belize is a small but beautiful Caribbean country located in the Central America. We have a tropical monsoon climate, and warm weather around all year. From about 60 miles off the coast, there is the Great Blue Hole - the world largest submarine sinkhole – now a famous diving spot. Other than these, Belize has also a very comfortable climate and spectacular geographical landscape, as well as warm and welcoming local residents. If you want to enjoy the above weather, experience the amazing geographical landscape and feel the enthusiasm of local residents, Belize Online Club Group can always provide tourism, business, and investment advisory services in all aspects.

As the only English speaking country in the Central America, unlike many other countries, we have a very stable and safe society and politics. We have a fixed exchange rate system for our foreign exchange without exchange rate fluctuations, which is one USD to two Belize Dollar fixed. In addition, a high literacy rate and easy to train workers are our strong points for investment.

Belize government has set up a gaming special district in the FREEZONE area. By opening its online gaming license application business, the government has appointed Belize Online Club Group as the license applying and issuing authority, providing online gaming operators legal rights. We welcome anyone who is interested, and will be looking forward to see everyone can have maximum profit on your investments.

Began in 2014, for the expansion of the country’s gaming development, the Government of Belize intends to set up a Gaming Special District in FREEZONE area. To raise construction funds for the Gaming Special District, the government is opening its online gaming license application business as the first business to public.

In order to promote this business, the government has appointed Belize Online Club Group as the license applying and issuing authority. In addition, a Free zone Online Gaming License Review Committee will be set up inside the Gaming Special District to review the eligibility of application of gaming license. Committee members include appointed person from Belize Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Free zone Special District, Board of Gaming, and a designee of civil society.

In the process set by the Government of Belize, applicant shall become a member in the Free zone Online Club with the name of an offshore company at first.

Once the applicant obtain the club membership, one is then qualified to apply for an online gaming license. Online Gaming License Review Committee inside the Free zone Gaming Special District will be reviewing applicant’s eligibility. Once approved, the Committee will notify Belize Online Club Group to issue an Online Gaming License to applicant.

Following services are exclusive for members only

  1. Eligibility to apply for online gaming license.
  2. Eligibility to purchase for global gaming big data and marketing analytics.
  3. Provide schedule planning on travel, business or investment trip to Belize accordingly.
  4. Provide Belize investment recommendation and assistance on business plan writing.
  5. Provide cash flow services such as digital shopping cards in order to have a better and more convenient way for members to do transaction collections and payments when operating online casinos.